Rummaging through her mother’s makeup case at a young age, Krystal found herself in awe of cosmetics. Her passion and dedication for makeup arose shortly after high school, where she graduated at the San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology. She left with Honors in makeup and knew this was what she was meant to do professionally.

Following her Esthetics training, she blossomed artistically while working for MAC Cosmetics. Her former position as a MAC Artist allowed her to discover her creative side.  While honing in on perfecting the skin, Krystal fell in love with creating dimension! Her desire to create a flawless face came into play, and her ability to create impeccable skin definitely did not go unnoticed. Her obsession over precision, technique, color, and texture grew and she found herself wanting more. After seven years working for such an amazing company, she knew it was time to leave to pursue makeup as a freelance artist.

Krystal’s drive and ambition lead her to being published in magazines such as GQ, Maxim Español, and FHM. She knows her potential is boundless and will continue her journey pursuing her passion for art in makeup.

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